All about the Lost City Trek in Colombia

Frequently Asked Questions

General information

What days does the Lost City Trek leave?
The Lost City tour departs every day from the city of Santa Marta. In Expotur we organize the tours to in order to meet the demand of the travelers interested in visiting this wonderful destination.
Could I spend a night at the Lost City?
No. By direction of the Colombian authorities (National Army, National Parks Unit and the Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History, ICANH), overnight is prohibited in protected sites, in order to ensure traveler safety and respect to sacred sites of indigenous peoples. The permanence of the travelers at the Lost City will be temporary, fitted the preset itinerary.
Is it possible to take pictures during the Lost City Trek?
You can take pictures of the landscapes during the Lost City Trek. It is possible to take pictures of the members of the indigenous communities, but you should ask for their permission.
What should I take to the Lost City Trek?
For the Lost City Trek you should take a small or medium backpack with your personal stuff as clothes, toiletries, insect repellent, a bottle of water (1 liter) and flashlight. Remember to pack light as you have to carry your own backpack during the entire trek. It is important to take sports shoes or trekking shoes, comfortable clothes for the day and long sleeve shirts and pants for sleeping. (See Recommendations on the tour description).
If I do not have a small backpack. What should I do?
You should get a small or medium backpack to take your essential belongings to the trek. If you do not have a small backpack, we, Expotur, can lend you one (depending on the availability), or you can buy a backpack for a good price on the way to El Mamey (the starting point of the trek). We recommend you to let us know so we can help you.
What is the schedule for departure and return?
• We pick you up from your accommodation between 8:30 am and 9:00 am
• If you arrive by your own you must be at 9:00 am at the Expotur office for the registration process.
• The departure of the tour is between 9:30 am and 10:00 am from Expotur office.
• The return to Santa Marta city is between 4:00 and 6:00 pm we take you to your accommodation in Santa Marta, Taganga or El Rodadero.
Which vaccine should I have to go to the Lost City?
There is no vaccine required, however, we recommend you to have yellow fever vaccine.
Where can I store my luggage?
For the Lost City Trek you only need a backpack with the things that we recommend you to bring, you can leave your main luggage in our office where it will be safe while you are enjoying the trek.


What type of car will transport us?
For the Lost City trek we provide 4WD vehicles to transport traveller from Santa Marta to the starting point of trek (El Mamey) and then back.
Where does the car leave from?
The vehicle with the groups of travellers departs from the main Expotur office located at Carrera 3 # 17-27 Local 3 Edificio Rex in the historic center of the city of Santa Marta.
Are there mules in the area to help me with my luggage?
There are mules that you can rent to take your things. Mules can only do part of the way, so they can not accompany you throughout the trek. This service is not included in the tour cost and can be arranged at the starting point of the trek.


Where will we sleep?
During the Lost City Trek you will stay in different cabins owned by locals (indigenous and farmers). There is accommodation in hammocks, beds and / or tents (tents), depending on availability; we always provide blankets and mosquito nets at night.
Can I stay in a private room?
No. The lodging along the route to the Lost City is provided by locals and the camps do not have private rooms.


Can I get any special menu during the tours?
Yes. If you have any special requirements or preference for foods that you can eat, you must communicate at Expotur office to organize everything about your food preferences; however, we cannot offer anything extraordinary out of chef’s capacity in the camps.
What kind of food is offered during the tours?
During the tour we offer a varied menu with typical preparations of the region. We include fruits, bread, eggs, coffee, chocolate, rice, beans, meat, chicken, soup, pasta.
Are there restaurants in the area?
There is a restaurant at the starting point of the trek (El Mamey), here we will have lunch first and last day. At the camps you can buy some things like soft drinks (sodas), water, beer and snacks.


Who will be our guide during the tours?
They will be guides – drivers from the region, rained by SENA (National Learning System), so they are enabled to provide wide cultural, historical and anthropological information.
What other languages do the guides speak?
We work with guides are from the region, so they speaking Spanish. Expotur has 2 guides who are in the process of learning English, so they speak intermediate level. Nevertheless as guides take turns to do the tour they are not always available. Expotur organizes tours with translator service, which are subject to availability.

Travel Insurance

What is included in the travel insurance?
The travel insurance include illness or accident, transportation from the place of event to the hospital by car or helicopter (in cases of total immobility) if it is necessary.
In case of emergency, what should I do?
Normally there are not many emergencies during the tours; nevertheless in those cases, you must communicate to your guide, they are trained to manage those situations.


What physical conditions do I need to do these tours?
Keep in mind that this is one of the most important treks in Colombia, so it requires physical effort. If you exercise regularly this tour will be a great experience for you, also if your activity is not constant, depending on the itinerary you will have shorter walks with sufficient rest periods.

Wheater conditions

What are the weather conditions in the area?
The area where the Lost City trek takes place has a hot and humid weather, the lowest temperatures are around 16 ° C overnight.
Do I need to bring my sleeping bag?
No, you do not need to bring your sleeping bag because in each of the camps along the route blankets are provided. However, if you consider it very necessary, you can bring your own sleeping bag, but remember that the things you carry in your backpack affect the weight of it and your comfort during walks. The idea is that you avoid carrying extra weight.


Do I need to take my passport for the tours?
It is not necessary to take you passport. A photocopy of your passport will be enough for the tours, so you avoid the risk of it get damaged or lost during the tours.