How to get to the Lost City?

how to get to the lost city colombia

The Lost City in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta is one of the most beautiful touristic places in Colombia. It is an invitation to disconnect yourself from the noise of the city; to be connected with the song of the birds; the melody emitted by the Buritaca River and the majesty of the landscapes that we find there. The first thing you should do to get to Ciudad Perdida, is plan and prepare your trip in advance; since the Ciudad Perdida tour departs in the morning and you need to find a tour agency with available spots.

Throughout this blog we will tell you how to get to lost city and we will explain a little the itinerary of this wonderful tour in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

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How to get to the Lost City?

To go to Ciudad Perdida, it is necessary to contact a legal tourism agency with permission to enter Teyuna Archaeological Park. What we just mentioned, it is extremely important, since the tour is within the jungle and only very prepared guides for working on this trail can prevent you from getting lost or getting hurt.

There are 2 routes to get to Ciudad Perdida:

La Tagua Trail

By disposition of the indigenous authorities this path is not currently enabled.

Path starting from El Mamey

This is the only path available and safe for tourists. Although you can find information on the internet that suggests other routes, we must respect the will of the indigenous authorities of the Sierra Nevada.

If you decide to do the tour to Ciudad Perdida with us this is the itinerary for the 4 day tour (depending on the number of days you can spend more time in one camp or another), for example:

Day 1

Everything starts very early in the Santa Marta office, where our 4 × 4 vehicles will pick you up to take you to the Mamey; we will get there for lunch time, for later  start with  the adventure. After about 4 hours of walking, we will arrive at the first camp where we can wash up, have dinner, get to know ourselves a little more with our adventure companions and recharge our batteries for the next day.

Day 2

After breakfast, we start the journey of the second day through the Buritaca River valley; we will find huts along the way that make up part of an indigenous Kogui village called Mutanshi. We will make a tour of approximately 3 hours until the third camp, where we will spend the night.

Day 3

it’s time for beginning the ascent to go to the Lost City, climbing 1200 steps built by the Tayronas. Once we arrive in Ciudad Perdida, the guide will explain and provide important information about this great place. After resting and taking many photos, we will descend and go back to the previous camp.

Day 4

The last day of adventure, we have breakfast early at camp 2, and we start the journey toward El Mamey, where we will have lunch and the drivers will pick us up to take us back to the office in Santa Marta or to our lodging; so we will be full of that peace that only nature can give us and with a wonderful mental album that will be difficult to erase in a long time.

Search for more opinions of travelers who already made the tour to the Lost City and choose a reliable tour company that guarantees the quality of your experience!

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