Lost City Trek (6 days)

Lost City Trek (6 days)

The Lost City Trek (6 days) is ideal for people who want to enjoy the most of the contact with nature and want to do less strenuous hikes with extra time to rest and relax.

The physical demands for this option less than the other, perfect for people unaccustomed to physical activity and seniors.



    This adventure to the Lost City Trek starts around 9:30 at our office; where a 4 WD car will take you in a 2 ½ drive to El Mamey, the place where we have lunch and then begin the search for the sacred place of Tayronas (antique
    Lost City residents). At the end of the afternoon, we arrive at the first camp, and in its surroundings we’ll find
    rivers, natural pools and waterfalls to have a relaxation moment; and then we have dinner and spend the night in hammocks.

  • DAY 2 CAMP 1 – CAMP 2

    We got up early, having breakfast and then start to walk by the riverside of the Buritaca River, finding some indigenous homes that make a small town known as Mutanshi (indigenous Kogi town); then continue walking toward the camp
    where we spend the night accommodated in hammocks with mosquito nets or bunk beds.

  • DAY 3 CAMP 2 – CAMP 3

    Begin the tour for about 4 ½ hours, taking breaks for indigenous paths in the Parque Natural Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, to some sectors where traces left by the ancient inhabitants of the region are crossing the Buritaca river
    to reach third cabin where we spend the third night of the Lost City Trek.


    Very early, we have breakfast to start the climb to our destination. We start climbing 1200 steps, road built by the Tayrona, at the end we find the amazing Lost City. Once there the guide will show us and give us information about the magical place full relics and ancient stories; we will spend the morning enjoying the scenery, having enough time to rest and take pictures. Finally, we will have lunch and continue
    the same way back to get to Camp 2 where we had dinner and spent the night.

  • DAY 5 CAMP 2 – CAMP 1

    We will have breakfast at 6:30 am taking the way back at 7:00 a.m., and then we will enjoy lunch at the cabin near Mutanshi, continuing the journey through the mountains to reach Camp 1 where we will stay that night.


    The last day of adventure begins with breakfast to continue the way back to the point where it all began. On the way we will find rivers and waterfalls to refresh; finally reaching El Mamey for lunch and the 4WD will be waiting
    for us to return us the city of Santa Marta, where we arrive around 5:00 pm. We will be happy of had enjoy a totally enriching new experience in the magical Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.


Traveler Responsibilities

Respect the privacy of indigenous and peasants. Not enter their houses and take pictures of them or their belongings without asking permission.

Pack only the essentials, because the weight is an important factor. Make sure you are in good health. Return all trash to Santa Marta. Caring and respect what you find. No harm natural or cultural property. There is no mobile phone signal in the park.
Tell your family and friends that you can only communicate with them once you are again to Santa Marta.

Clothing and Equipment

During the day, the weather is hot and humid, so we recommend wearing comfortable clothing, shirts and shorts for walking. At night, the temperature is about 16°C and there is a high proportion of mosquitoes and other insects, so it is important to
wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts for sleeping and use insect repellent.

Please do not forget:

  • A bottle of water (1 liter), insect repellent, sunscreen, comfortable clothing, walking shoes, and camera.
  • Bring only the essentials things in your backpack, remember that the more light is, the walk will be more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Use sport or walking shoes for the Lost City Trek, and wear sandals for your stay in the camps.
  • You have to bring your personal care items, so do not forget your soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, foot powder, among others.
  • Your personal medicines, if necessary bring them with you.
  • If you feel it is necessary, you can bring your sleeping bag, but we offer blankets.
  • Among your clothes, be sure to wear shorts, shirts, long pants, socks and swimwear.
  • Two big plastic bags will be very useful to keep dry clothing separate from wet clothing.
  • The insect repellent is essential to protect you against bites, like sunscreen to protect your skin.
  • A bottle of 1 liter of water is sufficient for the first day, we will supply the water needed by the rest of the way with purification tablets.
  • Finally, do not forget your camera so that you register the highlights of your trip.


To book the Lost City Trek you must show in our offices your identification document (passport or identity card). To take the tour a copy of the document is enough. It is better not to take the original to prevent damage.


It is recommended to have the yellow fever vaccine as a preventive measure for the Lost City Trek.


Check availability

The Lost City Trek leaves every day from the main Expotur office in Santa Marta.*

*All rates are in Colombian Pesos.




Round trip transfers from the hotel or where you stay to the starting point of the tour (El Mamey) in 4WD vehicles.


  • Five (5) breakfasts.
  • Six (6) lunches.
  • Five (5) dinners.
  • Typical food prepared by local chefs.
  • Fruits and snacks during walks.


The accommodation during the Lost City Trek is in hammocks, beds or tents, depending on availability. We provide mosquito nets and blankets every night.


Our guides are from the region trained by SENA, with years of experience. They are trained to provide cultural, historical and anthropological information of the indigenous communities and the area.

Travel Insurance

During the tour you will have a medical assistance insurance that cover accidents and illness occurred during the tour. It covers transportation from the place of the event to the medical center, medical assistance, hospitalization and surgeries when
it is necessary.

Contribution to the Communities

We work closely with indigenous and peasant communities. We are committed to support the development of the region through contributions that help to improve the life quality of the locals.

Entrance to the Archaeological Park

The Teyuna Archaeological Park is managed by the Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History (ICANH); an institution assigned the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Colombia. The entrance fee to the archaeological
park is included in the tour.


Payment methods

  • Deposits via Paypal or PayU through the active payment modules linked in our official web-sites.
  • In cash exclusively in our offices in Santa Marta with our authorized staff.
  • In all our offices in Santa Marta, we accept payments with credit cards as Visa or MasterCard.

Payment policies

  • A 15% deposit of the total of the package is required prior to confirmation of all bookings.
  • The remaining balance must be paid at least in the same date of departure, before leaving.

Cancellation policies – Right to retrace

  • Confirmed bookings will have a cancellation policy in the following terms: Cancellations or changes will have a 20% penalty of the total of the package.


  • Once the Lost City Trek has started, the services included in the package that the passenger does not take will not be reimbursed.


Before making a deposit for your Lost City Trek, ask about the availability for your departure’s date to lostcitytrekcol@gmail.com If the availability is confirmed you can proceed to make a deposit through these any payment platforms
here, deposits to our Bancolombia account are able only through colombian banks accounts.

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