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We offer you three tours options. To do the Lost City Trek with us you can choose your hike intensity according to your capabilities or the number of days you want to spend in contact with the nature. Adventurous (4 days tour); Knowing nature (5 days tour); Trek Slow (6 days tour).

Lost City Trek (6 days)

Lost City Trek (6 days) The Lost City Trek (6 days) is ideal for people who want to enjoy the most of the contact with nature and want to do less strenuous hikes with extra time to rest and relax. The physical demands for this option less than the other, perfect for people unaccustomed to […]

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Lost City Trekking (5 days)

Lost City Trekking (5 days) You have the choice to change it to the four days, you have confirm it to the guide! Lost City Trekking ideal for people willing to enjoy nature that accompanies this tour. Lost city trek 5 days offers relaxation and fun in the refreshing waters of the waterfalls and natural […]

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Trekking to Ciudad Perdida (4 days)

Trekking to Ciudad Perdida The Trekking to Ciudad Perdida (4 days) is the most adventurous option of excursions to this area of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, it is perfect for people who have tight schedule and are in good physical condition and enjoy the intense walking surrounded by lush nature and the company […]

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